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Hello! It's me, Maggie.

I'm intelligent and helpful. I love challenges and I especially like solving puzzles and riddles. Maybe we can try some together?

I'm 100% handmade with extraordinary attention to detail and shipped free of charge to anywhere in the world.

What is a 'Motion Skeleton?

The motion skeleton is a completely unique concept for handmade fabric dolls.

Thanks to the motion skeleton, Lullu Dolls now have completely new posing skills which makes the dolls much more fun and varied!

Click here to learn more about the Motion Skeleton

More about me:

• I'm 40 cm (16 inches) tall and weigh about 0.5 kg (1.1lbs).

• My head and legs rotate, so I can see the world around me, as well as stand or sit.

• I come complete with all my handmade clothes and accessories.

• I'm made for Children aged 3+ years.

What I'm made from:

• I'm filled with certified polyester ovate that's specially woven meaning I'm lovely and soft!

• My body and face are made using cotton tricot which is hypoallergenic and OEKO-TEX® certified.

• My body contains no timber or metal. I'm soft and safe to play with!

• My hair is hand sewn and luxuriously soft and can be braided, combed or styled as you prefer.

How to care for me:

• I like to be hand washed with gentle detergents at a maximum temperature of 30°C (the same for my clothes too).

• If you blow-dry my hair, please use cold air.

My name is for publishing purposes. It's not on me or my packaging.

All of my Lullu Dolls family are handmade in the Waldorf style. Each of us takes up to 5 days to make and we come in different ethnicities and genders.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Donna Ruddy

I bought Maggie for my Autistic granddaughter who is 3 and nonverbal she is very sensory, especially with hair as she needs to touch hair when she wants to go to sleep. I choose Maggie because of her hair and Maggie is just for bedtime. It's only been 3 nights' sleep and Maggie is already doing the trick. Her body and face are soft and her hair is fantastic. I know she is expensive but I am using Maggie as a tool for my Granddaughter to eventually sleep in her own bed as Maggie will be there for her and she will know Maggie is bedtime and sleep. I love her and hope she will continue to love my grandaughter as I know my Grandaughter will love her.

These are the sort of reviews that make it all worthwhile. Thanks so much for sharing and I'm delighted Maggie curls have been of help to you and your daughter. It sounds like they're looking after each other, which is great!

Susan Bates
Cute and sassy

Love it especially her hair xx,🤪🤪🤪❤️❤️

Kate Fairhurst

Our little girl’s nickname is Maggie. She also has freckles and a mop of curls neither of which she’s always happy about so she was beyond thrilled to receive a doll who looks just like her. Beautifully made and a magical addition to our family. Thank you for the diversity you have in your collection.

You're welcome Kate. Thanks for taking time out to leave us a review.

Sally Toone
Marvellous Maggie!

What an absolutely adorable little girl Maggie is!
Her hair is amazing and she has such a cute face - just looking at her makes me smile.
I am so impressed with Lullu Dolls - the quality is exceptional and the customer service is brilliant.
Thank you so much!

Love your photos as always Sally! Maggie looks great. Hope she and Charlotte are hitting it off!

Joanne Faulkner

Even better than in the photos , Maggie is gorgeous , really really pleased with my purchase. Am now choosing my next one !

Thanks so much for your review Joanne! We're glad you appreciate Maggie and all her quirks! Looks like she's found a great new home!

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