Our Story

Kate the creator of Lullu Dolls

“Hello, I’m Kate.

I’ve been creating dolls for a years now and am lucky enough to sell them all over the world. Here's my story about how it all started...

Early in my career I worked in the advertising industry. I worked in several advertising agencies and eventually, I started my own. It was extremely fast paced with irregular working hours, and I was often burdened with stress caused by continuous deadlines.

Eventually my two daughters came into the world and as a mother I couldn't be as flexible with work as before. I began to wonder if there was a way to balance having a job and be present in the lives of my children?

Still on maternity leave and pondering this dilemma, I decided I wanted to create something that my daughter could use / like. I dreamed of doing something for them that could become a memento of their childhood. Something that would last a lifetime. Thinking back on my own mementos, I only have a rotten old cuddly teddy bear to draw upon

So I came to the decision to create a doll. This came mainly because I could not find any ready-made dolls that I liked. Everywhere I looked I found dolls that were all mass produced and very similar to each other.

It bothered me that they were plastic. I was also afraid that they may not be safe.

I thought that I would make a doll that would suit me; that was safe, rag, pleasant to the touch, yet modern at the same time. I also realised I preferred the Waldorf (also known as Steiner) style of dolls. The doll's appearance is intentionally simple in order to allow children to develop their imagination and creative play. After many days of sewing, my first doll was created. It was quite successful for a doll made by a person who never had a needle in her hand..... okay, the truth is, it was terrible, but at least the kids liked it!

For me, sewing a doll was a magical and reassuring experience. it was calming and drove away thoughts of returning to my old job in the advertising industry. So I began to sew more and more and over I began to find it more interesting, and fun and I was able to evolve and improve my skills (and my dolls).

My husband published their photos on his fan page on Facebook and it turned out that his friends liked the dolls a lot. So, unexpectedly, orders started to flow in and the people I made the dolls passed on to their friends.

I started sewing dolls in mid-2016, and since 2019 I have been here creating Lullu Dolls. When I started my ‘adventure with the needle’ I didn't think that I had talent. I never thought that after just 4 years I would be sewing dolls for recipients from all over the world. That celebrities will call me and ask me to sew something for their children. That collectors will ask when I will publish another completely new doll to be able to buy it. It all still sounds like a strange dream to me. One thing's for sure… I don't want to wake up from it!

Thank you very much for this adventure and the chance to realise a completely new chapter in my life. I hope that the dolls I make will be for you what this messy bear is for me. I also hope that, knowing my story, you will believe that each of my dolls has a piece of my heart that I put into its sewing.

I also hope that my story can be an inspiration for all people who are struggling with similar dilemmas that I had 5 years ago. As you can see .... change is possible 🙂

Warmest regards