Motion Skeleton

 What is the 'Motion Skeleton'?

The handmade dolls available in the store now have the ability to add a so-called "Motion Skeleton" option.

The motion skeleton is a completely unique concept for handmade fabric dolls.

Thanks to the motion skeleton, Lullu Dolls now have completely new posing skills which makes the dolls much more fun and varied!

How does the Motion Skeleton work?

The motion is a special construction created from interconnected parts and built into the doll's body, allowing the dolls movements to resemble human skeleton in behaviour.

It allows the legs to bend at many angles and in many different places (bending at the pelvis, knees and ankles). This allows for far more expressive and sturdy poses and movements such as:

  • Standing on one leg
  • Sitting on varied surfaces like a shelf or a rocking horse
  • The head can be rotated up and down as well as side to side

It should be noted that the skeleton is implemented in the main body and legs of the doll. It does not change the function of the dolls arms.

How do I purchase Lullu Dolls with a Motion Skeleton?

To order Lullu Dolls with the Motion Skeleton included, just follow the following steps:

  1. Visit the Lullu Dolls that you would like to purchase
  2. Select 'With Motion Skeleton' on the page under the 'Motion Skeleton option.
  3. Click 'Add to Basket' or 'Pre-Order' ( please note if an item has the pre-order option, it means it is not immediately available and delivery times will be longer).

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