Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions - LulluDolls

Delivery and Returns

How much does delivery cost? Delivery is free on all orders over £50 in the U.K. For orders less than £50, delivery is subject to a £3.99 charge. International 

When will I receive my order?

How long does delivery take?

Delivery is shipped from the UK and takes 1-3 working days after placing your order. In rare circumstances, delivery make take slightly longer.

What is your returns policy? We offer a 30 day money back promise, whereby if you're not happy with with your product you can return it. Full details can be found on our returns policy.
What do I do if there's something wrong with my product? If you find something wrong with your product, should should contact us as soon as possible so we can deal with your specific enquiry. Full details can be found on our returns policy.


Product Information
How big are the dolls? Each doll is around 40cm (16 inches) tall.
What is the motion skeleton and how does it work?

Thanks to the Motion Skeleton, Lullu Dolls now have completely new posing skills which makes the dolls much more fun and varied! Click here to learn more about the Motion Skeleton.

Who are the dolls made for? Each doll made for Children aged 3 years and older. This is because they contain some small parts such as eyes and buttons.
How do you wash the dolls? We recommend hand washing with gentle detergents at a maximum temperature of 30 degrees. Hair should be blow-dried with cold or cool air only.
How do you wash the clothes? Clothing can be machine washed. We recommend a max temperature of 30 degrees.
Can I dye the dolls hair? Hair is not suitable to be treated with heat or dyed.
Where our the dolls made?  All our dolls are handmade in mainland Europe.
Do you make custom made / bespoke dolls? We're still a young business and are not currently we are not setup to take orders for custom made dolls. However if you have a related question you can email us at
Are your dolls tested for safety? All of our dolls are CE certified in the relevant categories as part of the European standard of safety for Toys.