About Our Dolls

About Us - Lullu Dolls

You already know the importance of childhood companionship. Dolls are great outlet for children. They're a child's trusted sharers of secrets and co-discoverers the world. These experiences help little minds discover their imagination and foster creativity. 

Our mission at Lullu Dolls is to help create magical memories for little minds. Each Lullu Doll is 100% handmade with high quality materials.

Every Lullu Doll is carefully hand sewn (even the hair is hand sewn!) with incredible attention to detail. We don't use any timber in the dolls to support them meaning they're both incredibly soft, durable and safe. Each doll has rotating limbs and can stand and sit independently...which is important after a long day of adventures.

We also hand make clothes and accessories, so dolls can prepared for whatever the day's adventures bring.

We create dolls, for all ages - for girls and boys, dolls for collectors, dolls for occasions, or for no occasion at all!

Thank you for stopping by to visit the magical world of Lullu Dolls. We hope we can inspire you to create magical adventures of your own!